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We create concepts and algorithms for architects, architecture for developers, and drawings for factories, helping to implement complex and beautiful projects through computational methods and parametric design optimization.
The design for this project was developed using parametric design techniques, which allowed for a high degree of flexibility and precision throughout the design process. Using high techniques, we are able to create a design that could easily be modified and adapted as needed.
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Welcome to our website, where we are thrilled to showcase our exquisite portfolio of parametric design and architecture projects. Our extensive experience and creative approach to design have resulted in a stunning collection of projects that are both beautiful and functional. At the heart of our process is a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling our clients' unique requirements and expectations.

Our team of experts is passionate about delivering exceptional projects that seamlessly blend innovation, functionality, and beauty. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and techniques, which allows us to create projects that are truly unique and tailored to your specific needs and limitations.

For 8 years, we have been delivering exceptional parametric design projects. Our experience and passion for innovation drive us to create unique and functional designs using the latest technologies and techniques.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your project details and to receive a complimentary consultation. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of parametric design and architecture will enable you to create a project that is both exceptional and impressive.
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We develop projects of any complexity using modern technologies and highly qualified professionals. Our team is ready to bring to life the most daring ideas and create unique solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn how we can assist you in bringing your vision to reality.
Experience the ultimate in modern facade design - we specialize in creating unique and elegant facades that are specifically tailored to the contemporary aesthetic, all within a tight timeline to bring your vision to life
Unique facade design
We specialize in crafting unique and unforgettable interior spaces that are tailored to your vision. Our team has a wealth of experience in creating stunning and modern interiors, and we work efficiently to deliver exceptional results in record time.
Modern interior design
We specialize in designing complex parametric curved objects and creating precise working drawings using the latest technologies. We guarantee the production of working documents, including unfolding and marking, for CNC machines and other automated systems. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in producing high-quality products
Production Drawings
This project highlights our expertise in creating unique landscape designs through the use of parametric design. Collaborating with Architectural Bureau 2.0, we model intricately detailed small-scale architectural forms such as benches and railings that seamlessly blend with the natural environment.

This project is currently under construction and will soon be available in Sochi

Landscaping and improvement
Modeling small architectural forms and fences

This unique facade was created using fabric simulation, which allowed for incredible flexibility and elegance in shape. The facade is made of metallic plates, expertly joined together to create stunning plays of light and reflections. By using fabric simulation, a special softness and elasticity in shape was achieved, creating a unique piece of architectural art. The beautifully shining metallic plates provide a striking play of light and create a stunning view at any time of the day. Such a facade not only attracts attention, but is also an example of the use of new technologies in architecture.
Facade design
It is possible to model various physical processes, including simulations of gravity, fluid and gas dynamics, heat and mass transfer, light and sound, vibrations and deformations, electric and magnetic fields, wind, structures, and solar radiation. These simulations can be used to optimize designs and analyze their strength and stability parameters.
Physics simulation
In this project, we worked as part of the team at Architectural Bureau 2.0 and utilized parametric design to create unique small architectural forms for the Riviera Park project in Sochi. We carefully considered every element to not only achieve an original design, but also adhere to building codes and regulations. This park will soon be opening in Sochi
Rivera Park 2
Generative design in allows for the creation of various objects, from building facades. landscape design and urban planning. This approach automates the design process, providing numerous options and optimal solutions. The advantage of generative design lies in its adaptability to different conditions and limitations, such as climate and geometric parameters, budget, materials, and production technologies. This allows for the creation of efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions while minimizing risks and errors in the design process
Generating residential development
Modeling small architectural forms and fences
Parametric design allows for rapid creation and modification of projects, thanks to the use of software and the ability to set parameters for form. This speeds up the design process by several times and completely eliminates the possibility of errors, ensuring high accuracy in the design work.
1 speed and accuracy
Parametric design allows for the creation of complex geometric forms and structures that would be difficult or impossible to create manually. This approach allows for the design of non-standard and unique forms, which can attract customer attention or enhance product competitiveness in the market. Additionally, complex forms can improve aesthetic and functional properties of a product, which can increase its value and popularity.
3 complex form creation
Parametric design enables the creation of numerous variations of the same construction or component, simply by changing parameter values. This allows for quick adaptation to different requirements and conditions, as well as analysis of various options and selection of the best one. Each variation is automatically updated in project analytics, specifications, and other related documents, eliminating the possibility of errors and significantly accelerating the design process
2 variability
Developer: Metropolis GC @gkmetropolis
Project Author: Architecture Studio 2.0 @archburo20
Digital Modeling: Parametric Box @parametric_box
Digital Modeling: Parametric Box
Modeling small architectural forms and fences
Modeling small architectural forms,fences and tile
Modeling small architectural forms and fences
Modeling small architectural forms and fences
Modeling small architectural forms and fences
With parametrics, even complex architectural designs can easily be turned into drawings and sent for subsequent cutting without losing or making a mistake in any element. It's automatic changing
We specifically developed this facade algorithm for a factory Macrofabrica, with the task to quickly calculate possible bending radii, the spacing of the slats, and also to compute how the parameters of slat spacing and the profile used in this facade affect the final insolation at four different times of the year—winter, autumn, spring, and summer—at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM. The task was completed in a very short time; within a few days, we developed more than 24 different facade options. Since we work with algorithms, we have the capability to automatically change all elements of the facade depending on its shape. A unique feature of this algorithm is that we take the initial surface and, by adding slats to it, approximate the end lamella to possible radii that can later be used for rolling in production. This means that the shape changes slightly, usually around the very edge of this shape. However, this creates the possibility to manufacture the facade using the corresponding machines.

This project was developed for Freedom Company, a firm specializing in the construction of dome homes, glamping sites, hotels, and resorts. Specifically for them, we devised an algorithm that can transform any surface into a fully detailed structure. Utilizing Freedom's proprietary techniques, this algorithm is based on the constructive features of dome constructions. The result of this algorithm is that it allows you to take a surface and transform it into a construction layout which is automatically unfolded on CNC machines to the required sizes with minimal waste area. This is a significant advantage in the production phase, as it saves time and material. Thanks to this algorithm, it is possible to create a dome structure in just 2 hours from the form loading to the moment the drawings are issued directly on the machine.
We develop complex designs using parametric tools.

We design models of architectural and engineering structures using your parameters.

We can help you quickly find the best options and easily obtain drawings for fabrication.
We develop unique constructive assemblies for CNC machines for complex curved surfaces according to customer specifications.
We can automatize the working processes of design based on the given parameters, such as the shape of the plot, its area, surroundings, the required density of buildings, number of storeys, apartments, as well as insolation

Based on the parameters given by the customer we provide a range of options for building optimal for the site satisfying regulatory documentation.

We provide an opportunity at the stage of the concept to get all the typification of the elements of the facade

This massing reduces the amount of time spent on selecting a conceptual solution.

The architect chooses the aesthetically appropriate option from the solutions issued.

In this way, the first stage of the architect's work, when the necessary parameters are available, is expected to be reduced by several times and the optimal variant of development can be thought up quickly.

We use software that allows to export the model from Grasshopper to other popular programs such as AutoCad, Revit, 3dmax, Archicad, Tekla and others, for further work with them or production.
These models can be handled either interactively with Grasshopper or separately.

Each model unit contains a set of key data linked to the geometry. Facade panels contain information including: location in the facade assembly, unique number, orientation, name, and basic geometric data.

Full model upload to

a project for the architectural firm KPLN
Parametric design allows the efficient use of climate data.
The algorithms that we use help to calculate the insolation of the entire building in a few minutes and preclude occasional mistakes.

Based on insolation standards, we can immediately calculate and identify which windows are out of the standard range.
Using the algorithm we can also choose the shape and location of the building to comply with all the norms.

Ladybug imports standard weather files into Grasshopper. It provides a variety of 2D and 3D interactive climate graphics that support dwell time decision making during the early stages of the design process.

Calculation of insolation, radiation and wind.
Climatic data
Insolation and radiation
Shadow analysis
Air flows
We can find the shape of the building as quickly as possible to comply with the norms of insolation, solar radiation and comfortable in the wind to maximize the design process.

Evolutionary algorithms find the best options based on the available parameters. We offer the ability to choose geometry from a variety of suitable options. It is easy to change the location of the building within the plot boundaries, change the shape of the building, the type of facades, and more.

We use evolutionary algorithms to find the most appropriate building shape.
Parametric methods in design

We make laser-cut drawings for interior design from sheet metal for CNC machines.

Elements easily fabricated, allow you to nicely enliven and diversify your interior.

Using a picture of any image, you get a set of drawings in one day, which can be immediately sent to manufacturing.

Our work is not only with images.
Our algorithms will help you to realize any non-typical design solution on it based on any idea.

Our company will help to implement any design ideas.

Any curvilinear forms, non-typical design, dynamic and ergonomic structures.

According to the sketch or terms of reference, we can help bring any bold project to life

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